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Vehicle Headlinings

Repairs and Replacements

A sagging or damaged car headliner is unsightly and annoying. If left unattended, it could result in further damage and eventually reduce the value of your vehicle. Fortunately, we can help you preserve your car in top condition for many years to come with a professional Vehicle and Car Headliner repair or replacement. We are equipped to manage all of your Vehicle and Car Headlining repairs with the skills of our experienced Vehicle Headlinings team.

Here at Total Trim Solutions, you can trust our experts to skilfully repair and return your Vehicle Headlinings to a pristine condition. We’ll colour match any material currently in place and if we can’t repair it, we’ll completely replace your damaged car headlining.

What happens to the headliner..

Regardless of make/model/year, the headlining material of your vehicle drops or sags due to delamination. The original roof lining material is made up of 3 layers: backing cloth, scrim foam and face/finish material. All foam over time breaks down, and then causes the material to delaminate. This sadly is inevitable as the material gets old, and whilst the face material appears to be fine the only option is a complete replacement.

Our skilled headliner technicians at our workshops in Thatcham, Berkshire will address a variety of problems, such as:

  • Sagging headliner repair, unglued ceiling material.
  • The headliner’s swelling in certain places.
  • Extremely filthy fabric.
  • Materials in vehicle headliner that have been torn or chopped.
  • Personalising the inside to reflect a distinctive design.

Contact us right now to find out more about our Vehicle and Car Headlining repairs and replacements.

Sagging Headlining
Repaired headlining

A car headliner replacement project recently carried out

The customer chose a suede effect material to replace the existing sagging car headliner. You can see the nap of the fabric, which could be seen as wrinkles or creases, but suede has that effect.

A car headliner replacement project recently carried out

The owner of this VW Golf was tired of having the original headlining resting on his head as he drove and despite his best efforts with gaffa tape there was only one solution, strip and retrim.

Our experienced team can repair and/or replace your car headlining with or without a sunroof. Why not call us today for a free no obligation quotation.